George James (born 4th March 1996) is an English homemaker, most known for his relationship with American singer, Elliott Gilbert. He currently has no job but looks after their fraternal twins.

George James
Biographical Information
Name George James
Gender Male
Date of Birth 4th March 1996 (19)
Occupation Homemaker
Out Of Character Information
Player Verta
Face Claim Joshua Bowman
Partner(s) Elliott Gilbert (2013-present)
Children Catherine Gilbert(2014-present)
Jacob Gilbert(2014-present)
Grandchildren N/A

James was born in Bristol, England, and moved to New York in February 2013 to live with his then boyfriend. He then moved to Wolf Hall in April 2013.

Since meeting Elliott Gilbert in Wolf Hall, he has moved into his own house with Gilbert in New York and is now the father of twins between the two. He now stays at home with the twins whilst Gilbert works in music.

Early Life Edit

James was born in Bristol, England, son of William and Theresa James. He was an only child and his mother died when he was 14 years old. His father tried his best for James, but he unfortunately turned a lot to drink which turned to his demise when he passed away in 2012.

It was around this time that James met his then boyfriend and they relocated to New York for a new life. This turned into a disaster and it was only by pure chance of a meeting with Ethan Daniels that he discovered Wolf Hall where he resided until his relationship with Gilbert.

Career Edit

James has not had a job or a career since moving to America. He is currently a stay-at-home father as Gilbert works on his music career, taking care of their twins.

He has aspirations to open his own book store and library when the children are older. He is also considering whether or not he wants to go to college.

Personal Life Edit

James has been in a relationship with Elliott Gilbert since April 2013. There are currently no plans for an engagement or wedding.

Family Life Edit

James is the father of a set of twins, Catherine Gilbert and Jacob Gilbert, along with Gilbert. The twins were born on 21st September 2014, with Eleonora Ackerman being their surrogate for them.