Eleonora Ackerman (born 27th April 1992) is an American homemaker and part time model for Skin Graft. She is most known for her current engagement to Cassidy Haley, fashion designer, and is currently in the process of starting her own line of fashion clothes for maternity wear and children's wear.

Eleonora Ackerman
Biographical Information
Name Eleonora 'Ella' Ackerman
Gender Female
Date of Birth 27th April 1992 (22)
Occupation Homemaker, Part-Time Model, Fashion Designer
Out Of Character Information
Player Verta
Face Claim Jenna Louise Coleman
Partner(s) Cassidy Haley (2013-present)
Children N/A
Grandchildren N/A

Ackerman was born in New Jersey, America, and moved to New York in June 2013 to live in Wolf Hall.

Since moving to New York in 2013, she has worked for Skin Graft, firstly as a receptionist then as a part time model, where she eventually met her current fiancé, Cassidy. She has since left Wolf Hall and currently resides in a house in New York.

Early Life Edit

Ackerman was born in New Jersey, America, daughter of Martin and Sarah Ackerman. She is an only child. Her mother died when she was only two years old and she brought herself up from that age, having to step up to guide her father into helping her due to his loss of a Domme influence. She went to a nearby high school for her teenage years but was absent a lot due to having to be away to help with her father.

Career Edit

Ackerman had never had a traditional career goal in mind but from the age of 18, she worked as a live-in nanny for a number of years. Her passion for children stemmed from this experience of being in close proximity to them and a lack of her own childhood.

In 2013, she moved to Wolf Hall, an institute for Doms and Subs alike who wanted to learn more about who they were and how to make sure they are following rules safely and appropriately. She started off working there part-time as a culinary and etiquette teacher but soon found herself another job working outside of the institute.

She started working in Skin Graft in September 2013 as a receptionist. However, the owner, Cassidy Haley, asked her to start modelling for him and her career in the shop blossomed from that moment. She now works part-time as a model in the shop.

Recently, she has been considering a career in fashion design herself, most notably in the children's and maternity department.

Personal Life Edit

Ackerman has been in a relationship with Cassidy Haley since October 2013. She got engaged on 7th September 2014 and plans to be wedded on the 4th April 2015. She has also been a surrogate for George James and Elliott Gilbert, carrying fraternal twins for the couple.

Family Life Edit