Cassidy Haley (born ____) is an American fashion designer, owner of Skin Graft and musician. He is most known for his close friendship to musician, Elliott Gilbert, and his fashion store, Skin Graft.

Cassidy Haley
Biographical Information
Name Cassidy 'Cass' Haley
Gender Male
Date of Birth _____
Occupation Fashion Designer, Musician
Out Of Character Information
Player Karu
Face Claim Cassidy Haley
Partner(s) Eleonora Ackerman (2013-present)
Children N/A
Grandchildren N/A

Haley was born in ____, America, and has lived in New York since ___.

Since opened Skin Graft, he has been working mostly on his fashion designing rather than his musical career. He met his current fiancée, Eleonora Ackerman, through his work at Skin Graft. He currently resides in New York with her.

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